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A New, Second Edition of OUT-of-STYLE was published by DOVER PUBLICATIONS in 2018.

It includes never-before seen, historically important photos, new descriptive text and art work.
Over 700 illustrations by Hollywood Costumer Designer turned Fashion Historian and Author-illustrator,
Betty Kreisel Shubert.

Learn HOW, WHY and WHEN Vintage FASHIONS EVOLVED IN THE 19TH T0 21ST Centuries for men, women and children.

  • Winner 2015 BEVERLY HILLS BOOK AWARD: Performing Arts-Film & Theater, category
  • Named to Kirkus Reviews’ BEST BOOKS of 2013
  • Finalist, 2014 USA BEST BOOK AWARDS in the Performing Arts/Film & Theater category
  • Family Tree UK named OUR TOP CHOICE
  • 2016 Hollywood Book Festival: Runner-up: History
Hollywood Book Festival 3
  • Men, women and children 19th through 21st centuries
  • Fascinating gems of social history are woven into stories that illuminate the life and times of each decade
  • Hundreds of sequential illustrations reveal the style clues that time-date garments
  • Written by an experienced costume designer with an insightful sense of humor making this a surprisingly good read
Dover edition 2018 is an updated republication of work originally published by Flashback Publishing, Mission Viejo, CA 2013